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14 Oct

the beat goes on

For the past 2 years, I have stayed quiet about my sister’s journey with cancer. I have kept my thoughts, my fears, my joys and the things I’ve learned to myself. I chose to not talk much about it or […]

6 May


I finished Unbroken last week. I loved the story, the perseverance, the redemption. It was an outstanding life, Louie had. Most worthy of writing a story about. I dove into this book with perfect descriptions, actual pictures of people and […]

29 Apr

and so the story goes

I look back at my blogs from 3 years ago and scoff. I was so naive to think that we would know one way or another about Mary’s cancer and the outcome of it. And I’ve come to discover over these three […]

7 Apr


A fun trip with friends to look at fish and all other kinds of finny, scaley creatures This little boy o’ mine sure does love whales, fish and anything that swims. The found Nemo, wee seahorses and fluffy flowers. We […]

27 Jan


My heart is a bowl of fire. My insides are a churning, boiling sea. I often feel heat radiate from my chest out to my arms and face. Actual heat. I feel so deeply and so strongly my heart physically […]

24 Jan

condo 2013

It’s one of the most wonderful times of year! This is the 4th year we have gone up to stay in this cozy condo in the mountains with friends. Life situations within this group of friends change every year involving […]

1 Jan


I’ve been doing these posts for the past 3 years now. I said 2011 was hard. I said 2012 was fun. Well, 2013 was BUSY. I accomplished a lot. We did a ton. I grew in many ways. This year […]

9 Dec

it’s been quiet

I’ve been gone a long time, I know. Adjusting to this new doula life has taken quite a bit of my energy and I let a lot of things slide this year. I do think writing on here is important. […]

15 Oct

Day 4

High: Johnny is home! It’s 12:30am and we just got home from the airport and we are tired, but I am sure am glad he is home. Low: I got a discouraging email this morning. I hate when the low […]

14 Oct

Day 3

High: I went to the pumpkin farm with Harper, Phin and John’s parents. We went on a hay ride, picked out pumpkins, the kids rode a little train and we petted a lot of cute farm animals. And a farm […]

12 Oct

Day 2

High: Watching Love Actually. So good. Low: Going through piles of papers, throwing away, filing and organizing. Will you people please stop sending me your junk? Holy hannibal. I guess if I kept up with it better it wouldn’t be […]

11 Oct

Day 1

High: We watched The Lion King before we went to bed tonight. I haven’t seen my babes much this week and we snuggled together on the couch and sang all the songs. I love how Harper knows the words and […]