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24 Jul


9 months ago Mary finished chemo.

I still wonder about all the unknowns.  I still have to go back and read my previous blogs and journals to continue to process.  I still have moments that blindside me and I see stars for just a minute.

But mostly, I’m just thankful.

Thankful for the fact that she is still here. Thankful that she knows my kids. Thankful my kids know her. Thankful that it healed her. Thankful that it healed her marriage. Thankful for all it taught me. Thankful for what I’m still learning. Thankful to be a small part of an amazing story. Thankful I get to share it with others. Thankful that the irony of cancer being one of the greatest things to happen to my sister is a perfect representation of my God, how He works, and how He uses all things for His good.

9 months ago, her body began to physically heal. But on that sunny day in April God began a much greater healing in her heart. And because of that, I’m thankful for her cancer.

  • Marciaindrecc

    Awesome! Me too Em

  • Joan Estacio

    tears keep running down my face the entire time… In an hour , I read all of your writings about Mary. To God be the glory. This is a wonderful message that God is really good. I know how much you love your sister Em and this journey that you had as a family will always be an inspiration to all . We must entrust our lives to God as he has plans for all of us. you have a very good writing my dear .

    and oh did I say , you have a very good writing my dear?! regards to your family. I was so touched with this , and if you will allow me , I would also like to share your ( Mary’s) story to my friends so they can feel God’s grace as well.

    I was able to check this site through you should be grateful for having a friend like her. :)

    Love lots;