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26 Sep
Posted in: Mary's Journey
By    4 Comments

full circle

In 1 month it marks a year since Mary has been finished with chemo.

She started volunteering at the hospital a couple weeks ago. She is working on the same floor where she received her treatments. She can go into rooms and ask if anyone needs anything and spend time talking with them.  This week she talked to a woman, younger than her, who had leukemia and she was nervous about getting her port out.

She’ll make a difference, probably more than she’ll ever know in these peoples’ lives. Her kind smile and warm spirit will give many comfort and courage. And they’ll ask her story, too and she’ll be honest about the hard parts. But she’ll also be able to tell of the remarkable healing it brought to her life and heart. She’ll be able to show them that this isn’t the end. Yes, some will die, but we can leave a legacy. It’s up to us which legacy we choose to leave. Cancer may beat our bodies, but it’s up to us if it beats our souls.

The lump in my throat still hasn’t subsided when I think of this journey. I still close my eyes when I’m in a public place to stop the tears from falling. And when I think of Mary, my little sister, with short hair and body full of scars walking into those rooms to spread hope…I am overwhelmed.


Man, life is a beautiful thing.

  • Breeann Bowers

    This makes my heart so happy :) I am constantly blown away at how God is using Mary’s life to impact the lives of so many.

  • John Osburn

    This brought tears to my eyes.

    God is good. No matter the circumstances. That Mary’s legacy is not done, that she gets to leave a longer, continually improving, legacy is a true gift.

    Life is truly an amazing gift. May we not squander it on fear and doubt, but instead chase after God and bring as many with us as possible.

  • Marcia Indrecc

    Wow! So true Emily. God has blessed us with Mary……all of us, those who have known her in the past, those who get to know her still, and those who have not yet had the pleasure but will. I love your heart for her!

  • Suanne

    Wow – I could not have said that better!! Our scars whether, physical or mental, are our reminder of the things of life that the Lord has walked us through. We can choose to let our trials defeat us or give us victory. I’m so proud and in awe of Mary. She has truly chosen victory!!