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27 Oct


Mary turned 28 on October 19th!
Which is weird. Because I still think of her as 16 or 12. Or even 5.

We went to The Melting Pot and it was my first fondue experience.  And she even changed it to be in Colorado Springs so I could be there! [That's how you know your sissy loves you, btw.]

I took of of these with my iPhone, so the quality isn’t great. I haven’t touched a camera in over a month. In fact, all my recent posts have been with my iPhone camera.  It’s not like I’m inseparable from a camera or anything. It’s not anything like saying a Michelangelo hasn’t touched a paintbrush in over a month or Michael Jordan hasn’t dribbled a basketball in a long time.  I just haven’t seen the camera lately.

Anyway… another year with Mary! This time a year ago we were planning her birthday chemo costume party, she was on the mend from her last chemo treatment and things were getting back to normal. A full year has gone by. Lots to celebrate. So thankful for life. Family. Friends. When it all boils down, that’s what matters most.

This drink was marvelous. And it totally centered my Chi.

Cooking times. :)

Baby boy. Beer. Balloon. Baffled? Bonkers? Bewildered  T?

Singing happy birthday before we dunk all kindsa crap into chocolate.

Oh my gosh so good.

Happy birthday Mary moo!

Forever grateful for another day.

  • Marcia indrecc

    Awwwwww……..that WAS such a wonderful birthday party. I am also thankful for another great and blessed year with family and friends. So glad that Pat and Lee could join the group because they ARE family!

  • Suanne

    That truly was a wonderful time to all be together!!! OK we gotta find the camera LOL