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21 Mar

more to learn, more to grow

It been almost 2 years since Mary was diagnosed with cancer and almost a year and a half since she finished chemo. It been a beautiful 2 years. Not the easiest, but pretty amazing.

I don’t know any other way to say it, so I’ll just say it.

Mary’s cancer is back.


On April 1st, almost exactly 2 years to the day she had her first surgery, she will have another one to get all the tumors out. She will then start chemo several weeks after. Although the chemo won’t be the same and won’t be as terrible this time around. :)

It’s acting just as ovarian cancer usually does. It hasn’t metastasized and as far as cancer goes, there are no surprises or shockers. She could theoretically do this many times. Surgery, chemo, remission. Surgery, chemo, remission.


I’m sure you are disappointed, or maybe sad. Or even mad.

I think any of us could fall into one or all of those categories. And I think for moments, that’s perfectly ok. It’s just not ok to stay there. What a waste that would be to go through this, with all of the miracles and incredible things we have witnessed along the way, but not be able to see it because we are too bitter. Or share God’s goodness because we are too mad. I almost can’t think of anything worse.

While Mary and Travis shared with us the news they were confident and hopeful. Yeah, of course they said it sucked. She doesn’t love getting sliced open from pubic bone to diaphragm. But Mary shared with us the things she is looking forward to. Seeing her nurses, Mary and Gina on a regular basis. Getting to spend whole days with Travis. And how often we get together as a family when she is sick.

“Me and Travis are better people when I’m sick.”

That’s a humble heart, if I’ve ever heard one.


So as all of us get up from where we are, brush ourselves off and step up to the starting line, we’ll line up, shoulder to shoulder, stretching our quads, waiting for this new journey to start. One that is so familiar, but new, none the less. But before the gun blasts to let us know it has begun, we’ll all grab one another’s hands and squeeze them tight, giving each other silent nods.

Because we got this.

There will be tears. There will be laughter. There will be sorrow. There will be victories.

There will be victories because we’ll all have hearts open to learn and grow. We’ll all be better people. Again. And even more.

And we’ll have even more chapters of this story to tell. Chapters and chapters of this Jesus and God who gives us the strength, joy and peace to get through it. But we don’t just suffer through it. It’s a beautiful path with so many chances, places and opportunities to grow and share. It. is. beautiful.


So, here we go again.

  • Breeann Bowers

    My heart hurts for all of you, but I know God is still in control. I am praying for your whole family and thinking of all of you constantly. Mary is so blessed to have so many people that surround her with so much love.

  • Marcia Indrecc

    Two thumbs up! Exactly! Wow Emily….how beautifully you put your words!!❤

  • Karen Toves

    Well done Em! I can see your beautiful big smile and know you mean every word! I am praying that God will continually give each of you the opportunity to share His great love and your strong faith and hope in Him! I wish it was a different gift one that would be less painful or all consuming but I would never want to rob you of the blessings God has laid out for each of you! Hugs to all- K

  • Suanne

    WOW what a fantastic way to put what is in my heart and mind as well! You could not have hit the nail on the head harder – “we got this” – with the Lord by our side who never leaves us