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Browsing Category "Mary’s Journey"
14 Oct

the beat goes on

For the past 2 years, I have stayed quiet about my sister’s journey with cancer. I have kept my thoughts, my fears, my joys and the things I’ve learned to myself. I chose to not talk much about it or […]

6 May


I finished Unbroken last week. I loved the story, the perseverance, the redemption. It was an outstanding life, Louie had. Most worthy of writing a story about. I dove into this book with perfect descriptions, actual pictures of people and […]

29 Apr

and so the story goes

I look back at my blogs from 3 years ago and scoff. I was so naive to think that we would know one way or another about Mary’s cancer and the outcome of it. And I’ve come to discover over these three […]

21 Aug

the story continues on

Mary and Travis continue to share their journey and story with those they meet and come across, and in December, they got to share it with Focus on the Family. It was aired today and is anticipated to be heard […]

7 Jul

in the darkness

For over 2 years I’ve always said and always believed God could heal Mary if that was His plan for her. Many times on this blog I have said statistics don’t scare me. Many more times I have told people […]

8 Apr

kinda like a 3rd kid

With Mary’s first surgery we documented every step of the way. Even brought our good friend in who is a professional photographer to take pictures. With the second, we took about half as many pictures. With this third surgery, we […]

21 Mar

more to learn, more to grow

It been almost 2 years since Mary was diagnosed with cancer and almost a year and a half since she finished chemo. It been a beautiful 2 years. Not the easiest, but pretty amazing. I don’t know any other way […]

28 Nov

1 year

One year ago, this week, my sister had her CAT scan and was declared cancer free. We have made it through the first year post cancer and this thanksgiving as I reflected on what I was grateful for, that was […]

27 Oct


Mary turned 28 on October 19th! Which is weird. Because I still think of her as 16 or 12. Or even 5. We went to The Melting Pot and it was my first fondue experience.  And she even changed it […]

23 Oct


In August of 2011, an old friend of ours emailed me saying she had been keeping up with Mary’s cancer and thanked me for documenting her journey. I was smiling while reading the email and grateful to hear from her, […]

26 Sep

full circle

In 1 month it marks a year since Mary has been finished with chemo. She started volunteering at the hospital a couple weeks ago. She is working on the same floor where she received her treatments. She can go into […]

24 Jul


9 months ago Mary finished chemo. I still wonder about all the unknowns.  I still have to go back and read my previous blogs and journals to continue to process.  I still have moments that blindside me and I see […]